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We, our Snow Fox Group of Companies, take responsible to support our Own brands Owners to grow and success from small entrepreneurs to large entrepreneurs.


We, our Snow Fox Group of Companies aim to produce or import international quality products for Myanmar Own brand Owners to penetrate successfully in foreign markets.

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Body Care
Make Up
Skin Care
For Hair

popular products

Best Sellers

Fruity Body Butter

Body Smoothie

Unicorn Lotion

Whitening Lotion

Lip Whitening Scrub

Bath Bombs

Lip Scrub

Bath Bombs

Tokyo Dream Body Butter

Coffee Scrub

Floral Night Body Cream

Hair Remover

Body Mask

Body Lotion

Kiwi Scrub

Ocean Scrub

Rainbow Scrub

Back Acne Treatment Water

Green Zone Scrub

Stone Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub

Sugar & Floral Scrub

Forest Powder Mask

Thai Herbal Spa Scrub

Beauty Mineral Water Spray

Shower Oil

Vitamin C Body Serum

DD Cream

Pinky Skin Shower Gel

Gluta Milk Body Mask

Superwhite Body Lotion

BHA Body Lotion

SPF CC Body Lotion

Night Body Serum

Coconut Body White Lotion

Collagen and Gluta Body Lotion

Floral Whitening Sunscreen

Berry Healthy Skin Lotion

Tomato Body Lotion

Cherry Whitening Body Lotion

(2 in 1) Serum Plus Body Lotion

Whitening and Glow Body Oil

Detox Skin Care Set

Perfume Lotion

Serum Soap

CC Cushion

All in one Cushion

BB Cushion

UV Sunscreen

Dark sport cover Cushion

Confidence Makeup Set

Face Glow Oil

Smoothing Gel

Oxy Face Serum

Whitening Serum

Urban Shield Serum

Anti-Aging Serum

Alps Rose Serum

Green Tea Powder

Matcha Powder

Rose Clay

Pink Clay

Coco Powder

Coco Powder

Aqua Serum

Eye Packs

Face Oil

Dreamy Powder

Herbal Powder Mask

Clay Mask

Hibiscus Mask

Healthy Mask

Pumpkin Relax Scrub

Skin Whitening Scrub

Detox Body Scrub

Rose Clay Mask

Glow Face Serum

Spirulina Face Mask

Collagen Facial Foam

Skin Repair Night Cream

Milky Sleeping Mask

Hydration Sleeping Mask

Vitamin Face Serum

Alpha Arbutin Face Serum

Face Mist

Ginseng Skin Care Set

Gold Jelly Face Serum

Vitamin C Mousse Facial Foam

Essence Sunscreen

Sakura Glowing & Hydrating Toner

Collagen Facial Foam

Mineral Water Spray

Green Tea Mousse Foam

Ginseng Face Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Bio Face Serum

Floral Face Serum

Sensitive Skin Mousse Foam

Blue Sea Face Serum

Glod Glow Face Gel

Luxury Skin Care Set

Gold Collagen Ginseng Soap

Vitamin C Bio Face Serum

Gluta Tomato Facial Soap

Baby Skin Care Set

Acne Treatment Set

Melasa Treatment Set

Whitening Set

Snail Facial Mask

Peachy Facial Set

Dark Sport Remove Set

Herbal Shampoo

Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair Treatment Shampoo

Thai Traditional Shampoo

Hair Damage Treatment Conditioner

Herbal Conditioner

Color Hair Shampoo

Color Hair Conditioner

Hair Treatment Set

Hair Growth Conditioner


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