established 2004

CEO's Speech

  • The purpose why I established Snow Fox Group of Companies Limited is simple.·
  • I have personally experienced the difficulties of small business owners because I came from a small business, in other words, SME (Small & Medium sized Enterprises). ·        
  • So, I want to invite people to work together from a corner of the economy that I can do and Snow Fox Group of Companies Limited was formed by combining the desire of Myanmar people to present high quality Myanmar products not only in Myanmar but also to the World.·        
  • The culture of our Snow Fox Group of Companies is also Education Culture.·        
  • So, I trained with qualified trainers to my employees to improve their knowledge, skills and morale continuously and my company that strives to be happy, healthy and positive thinking society.·
  • My company plans to donate 10% of profits to the place everywhere needed in Myanmar for the benefits of not only our employees but also our partners.
  • Most of the donations places where we donate may be public health centers, education and environmental protection.
  • My company produces Myanmar products in accordance with international standards which produce low-cost and high-quality products and goods are imported in accordance with the standards of Myanmar FDA which Produced and distributed with a focus on the health and safety of citizens.
  • The raw materials for the products are produced in Myanmar and also exported to local products from all over Myanmar. It’s our Snow Fox effort to buy handicrafts and ethnic products and proudly distribute Made in Myanmar both locally and internationally.
  • According to the slogan of our Snow Fox Group of Companies ,”We Can Create Your Dream”, our service is to produce and distribute cosmetics with your own brand and home appliances.

Core Values

We, our Snow Fox Group of Companies, value the emergence of a qualified and happy society and the production and distribution of high-quality products.


  • To Accept and Train for Myanmar youth skills improvement and give the opportunity for authorization.
  • To develop from small entrepreneurs to large entrepreneurs.
  • To get Myanmar Products market share and succeed in foreign markets.
  • To increase income of Myanmar Craftsmen & Farmers.
  • To be able to donate 10% of profit to the places needed.

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